Watton Wheelers Clothing

Watton Wheelers has its own club kit supplied by Owayo a German manufacturer who we have used for a number of years.

The kit is predominantly blue with white and was designed by club members with a variety of jersey styles and shorts available including winter weight garments and wind-proof jackets.

Clothing orders are placed when the demand is enough to obtain cost reductions for bulk orders, but a small stock is also held. The cost to members is subsidised by the Club and also by the Club’s sponsor Denton Associates.

We have also had produced Merino Wool Jerseys in short sleeve and will be ordering again later in the year both short and long sleeve versions. These are made and embroidered to order from the USA so lead time is a bit longer and we do not hold a stock of these, so if you would like one be sure not to miss the next order. Details of which will appear on the Latest News page.

Contrary to popular belief Merino does not itch, make you too hot or too cold. It also does not stink when full of sweat. I have no idea how this wonder material works but it does and is my jersey of choice for any cycling occasion. A friend of mine rode the entire London Edinburgh London epic in 2013 wearing the same Long sleeve Merino jersey all 5 days through heat, cold and rain.

Merino wool comes from a specific breed of sheep, which originated in Spain around the 12th century. Merino sheep are very adaptable to their surroundings, and are particularly good at surviving in very cold and harsh climates. The wool coat on Merino sheep will never stop growing. They need to be sheared at least once a year.

Merino wool is often used for sports and exercise clothing, as it has lots of great properties for active pursuits. For example, merino wool is great at trapping in body heat, without making you over-heated and stuffy. Merino wool is also very good at wicking moisture away from the body, absorbing it and drying quickly. Perfect for hot and sweaty days on the bike.

Unlike regular wool, Merino wool is very soft and won’t irritate the skin. This is because it has smaller fibres and scales, compared to regular wool. The chemical lanolin is present in merino wool, which has antibacterial properties – another reason that merino wool is often used for cycle wear.

While some materials lose their warming properties when wet, merino wool manages to retain its warmth. This is great for cyclists who will be subject to cold temperatures. The breathability of merino wool is superior to cotton and other man-made fabrics.

For more information or to purchase the Watton Wheelers club kit please email John Waring – john@waring-online.net.

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