All dates and rides/events are subject to change/cancellation/weather.

All rides start from the Nigel Poulton Community Hall in Watton at Stone unless otherwise advised.

Unless stated as off road (OR) all rides are road rides.

Winter weekend runs start at 9.30am unless otherwise advised circa 30 miles.

Summer weekend rides also at 9.00 am unless otherwise advised. 30 – 40 miles.

Mid-week morning rides start at 9.30 am unless otherwise advised. Circa 20 miles.

Mid-week evening rides (OR) commence on the first Thursday in May start at 6.00 pm.
circa 15-18 miles at moderate pace.

There will be occasional Saturday morning rides for less experienced riders.

Rides maybe split into groups at the ride leader’s discretion to cater for size and speed of group. Each group must have a designated experienced ride leader.

There will also be occasional additional rides e.g. Good Friday, Bank holiday etc.

Unless stated otherwise rides will be at the slowest riders pace in the following classifications.

Slow pace rides average 8-10 mph Moderate pace rides average 11-14 mph.

Fast pace rides average 15 mph and over.

If you are not sure if you can ride the pace or distance contact the ride co-ordinator/leader before the ride commences or discuss with the rider leader on the day.

All rides make provision for a coffee break mid ride or sometimes at the end if an off road ride. If not the ride leader to advise the Rides Co-ordinator that that riders are to bring their own refreshment’s when submitting details of the ride.

See website for further information and contact details of each ride. www.wattonwheelers.co.uk

Ride protocol is an important element of cycling and safety on the ride is paramount.

Members should be familiar with the Club Accident Protocol.

If you need to contact the emergency services please dial 112 so that your location can be pinpointed.

This number will also get you through to 999   .Use 111 for non emergency assistance.

Ride leaders should have a basic first aid kit but it is advisable to have one of your own.

Please follow the ride leader’s instructions at the commencement of the ride.

If you have a mobile phone please take it on rides with you and have the leaders number in case of need.

All members are expected to have a good knowledge of the Highway Code and adhere to it at all times.

If you ride ahead of the leader, get lost or take a wrong turn you do so at your own risk.

It is not the ride leader’s responsibility to look for you.

If you get left behind for any reason wait where you last saw riders and someone will come back for you.

It is paramount that you do not divert off in search of others.

Where advised by the ride leader or road conditions dictate, avoid riding in large groups, ride in small groups & leave gaps to enable motorists to pass.

When waiting for other riders to catch up do not congest junctions. Move ahead or stop well before the junction and wait in single file at the side of the road.

Single file etiquette, allow the inner rider to proceed and the outer to drop back in line.

Maximum of two riders abreast please and only when conditions allow.

Close up the gaps at roundabouts and junctions and signal in good time.

Please be considerate of your fellow riders and warn them of hazards.

Shout CAR UP (vehicle approaching from behind). CAR DOWN (vehicle approaching from the front).


Indicate with a hand signal for potholes, broken glass etc.

Maintain your concentration throughout the ride.

Off road terrain will present risks, do not ride above your ability. If in doubt discuss the ride prior to the start with the ride leader. If in doubt about a section of trail or trail obstacle – stop and walk the section of trail or over the obstacle. Your safety is the first priority and other riders will wait for you.

It is an offence to cycle on a public footway and there is a fixed penalty fine subject to police enforcement. If in doubt speak to ride leader.

Before commencing your ride ensure that your cycle is’ fit for purpose’ and you are in possession of a cycle repair kit, pump and spare tube, ensure that you are suitably attired and in possession of a helmet and gloves, hi-vis and lights if appropriate.

Helmets are mandatory on off road rides and recommended on road rides. If a rider decides not to use a helmet this is entirely at their own risk. In Sportives and British Cycling events wearing of helmets is mandatory.

If you are unsure of procedures for cycling on the road please contact a committee member for advice.

Cycling tuition can be arranged. Cyclecraft by John Franklin is a good reference book.

A copy of this document will be issued to all members upon payment of your subscription and available on the website.