As some of you may know when I was a lot fitter I have been known to go on stupidly long bike rides like 600km in under 24hrs and to Edinburgh in 50hrs. Well the Friday Night Ride to the Coast was a great way of getting used to riding at night with a happy band of people to help if you get in to trouble. These are a great Friday night out especially the first one this year which is to Southend and if you are feeling good a Saturday Morning Ride Home is very pleasant too. Just watch out they do become addictive.

Anyway have a read of the below information and take a look at their website, if any of you fancy a go at one of these and need to know more just ask.

Steve Wheeler

The end of the long dark winter is in sight with signs of moonlight coming into view with the inaugural Friday Night Ride to Coast of 2016. Join those diverse Friday Night peeps with a genteel ride of about 60 miles to the seaside mecca known as Southend on Sea. We also have a clever way of signing up that will  save much messing about with lists and ticking people off at HPC.

Though the Forts founder has decided to take a break don’t worry the rides will continue to have the same ethos of Way Markers, TECs and Tail End Charlies. The only difference is the wearer of the infamous knee bandage…. and a few changes in how to register for rides.

Don’t be fooled by turning up at Midnight on Good Friday as you will be 24hrs too late. Instead head for Wellington’s Arch on Hyde Park Corner for 11.30pm for a Midnight start on Maundy Thursday the 24th March so you can enjoy all the fun of spending a few hours of cycling pleasure as we head East through the East End of London before arriving in the land of The Only Way is Essex. We will stop briefly at the wonders known as the Junction 31 Services for some food and hot drinks. We will then head into the beautiful Essex countryside with the intention of arriving in Southend just before 8am to enjoy a well-earned Greasy Spoon. Who knows we may come across Jamie and Jimmy as they head up Southend Pier.

You can follow the chatter on Cycle Chat here:

You can request to join the ride by using the Web link below and completing the Registration Form.

If you want to follow developments then please join the Fridays’ Facebook page at

Also visit the Fridays website to find the crucial pre ride reading ‘The Basics’ . Find out what rides and tours are planned for later in the year and read the latest news. The site also has the links and instructions on how to pay your Fridays Membership subscription which is still a very reasonable £2