Two of us left Watton at 9am for the annual ride to Weston to see the Vintage and Veteran bicycles in action.
The roads were very quiet traffic wise, but still riddled with potholes and covered in mud. We took a direct route to Weston going from Watton to Walkern to Hall’s Green to Damask Green and finally to Weston 10.5 miles

We had a look around the boot sale of old bicycle’s and parts, amazingly we managed to not buy anything. We just had time for a coffee at the pub turned cafe before the start of the time trial which was due to start at 11:00 from right outside the café.

58 riders took part in the TT some riding decidedly dangerous looking objects a couple of people riding forged steel and wood bikes that had a band of steel around the wheels in place of a rubber tyre! Just like a cart wheel.

We saw Dave and Pat Fidoe who had ridden up from Stevenage and Paul Hill who had driven up with his wife, then along came Mark Blacktin who joined us and rode back with us to Watton. A round trip of only 21 enjoyable miles.

It was mentioned that the Watton Wheelers should enter a few riders next year. So dust of your pre 1987 bicycles and come out with us the second Sunday of March 2017. Perhaps Mr Hedland could ride his Harry Quinn TT bike in full 80’s style skinsuit?