Leader John Waring. Eight Wheelers braved the extremely windy conditions and set out for Datchworth against the wind and on to Woolmer Green, Rabley Heath and down into Nup End.

Following the rain of the previous days, the road surfaces were very bad and covered in wet leaves and gravel causing one rider to puncture. This was quickly mended and the ride continued on narrow lanes to Preston via Hitch Wood involving a long climb which was thankfully sheltered from the wind by the trees.

From Preston the route is very undulating to King’s Walden and on to Breachwood Green where the ride was at its highest point and very windy! Fortunately the tea stop was not far away and much needed refreshment was enjoyed at Tea Green Golf Club.

The homeward run was with the wind for the most part pushing the riders along, much to their relief and rapid progress was made to Whitwell and on via Three Houses Lane, through Crouch Green to Old Knebworth.

The final part in now pleasant riding conditions was up Swangley’s Lane to Datchworth before a spirited dash back downhill into Watton. Thirty miles in all.

Observation of the day
Single speed bikes do not go uphill very well but they sure do go well downhill.