It was a cold windy day, no rain which made a nice change. 10 turned out for the ride which was great, we did not even make it to Hertford before guess who got another puncture ??!!! Yep… me!!! John, Elaine, Mike & Nathan, stayed and helped sort my tyre out so thank you guys. The others went on ahead, we caught them up in Wadesmill.

When we got into Puckeridge the wind was getting stronger so John suggested we ride in a peloton. Most of us had never ridden this way before, it was great… really good to try something new and conserve energy too!

Our tea stop was at the March Hare, Hare Street. As usual we received great service and scrummy cakes :-) 
Bruce was the romantic man of the day as he was taking his wife out to dinner he went back on his own steam so he would not be late for his Valentine lunch. :-)

We carried on to Wydiall and Throcking this part of the ride was fairly hilly so it was a nice relief when we came down hill into Cromer, on to Walkern and finally back to Watton.
We rode 34.58 miles and achieved a great average speed for the day 14.2mph.

Thank you to everyone who rode.