Would it be possible for those that are attending the Christmas lunch who would like to join the Road Ride please let me know, email stephenwheeler@ntlworld.com. As I know that some of you are driving to the pub and not intending to ride at all. If the demand is very low I will just arrange for a normal Sunday ride from Watton or go out on my own for a long one.

If there is a demand the ride will need to get back to the Farmers Boy by 11:30 so people can be ready for their lunch at 12:00 In that case the road ride will be leaving Watton at 9:00 on a direct route to the Farmers Boy (8.5 miles) to arrive 9:40ish from where we will only have time for something like a 12 to 15 mile ride around the lanes to get you back in time for your lunch’s and the rest of us a quick energy drink before riding back.

Steve Wheeler